Gym Is The New Love Of Madonna’s Life


Taking leave of her usual roles that she is known for, singer and actor Madonna has opened a new gym, “Hard Candy” in Mexico City. Under the slogan “Harder Is Better” membership comes in at a wallet-crunching $160 per month (that’s £102.72 fact fans, about three times as much as the average gym membership here in the UK) that’s some hard cash too! That might be “dinero facil” for her but it’ll mean “prestamos personales en efectivo” personal loans for many Chilangos (Chilango is the demonym for an inhabitant of Mexico City, Fun Fact overload!)

While opening the doors of the new centre to members Madonna was pleased to give a short dance class to a handful of Hard Candy members, it’s not currently known if they had taken out “prestamos inmediatos” at this time. The name chosen for the gym is thought to come from the title of her 11th official studio album which topped the charts globally in 2008.

The former Mrs Ritchie is quoted as saying “It’s a sexy name that gives you the opportunity to have fun and to build strength as far as the imagination will allow.” And she’s planning on opening a string of gyms choosing the Mexico City venue to be the first because she liked the energy of Mexico. ”Our plan is to use Mexico as a place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries.” Madonna went on.

Madonna is known for her dedication to exercise and fitness, over the years she has worked out every day, following a carefully controlled diet. Chris Deicik, who assisted Madonna create the gym, said that Madonna was very keen in designing the concept. “She chose the graphics, colours, the machines. She has weighed in on the choreography of all the classes and given them a twist to make them more dynamic, more special and to better reflect her style” he said.

When the opening was over Madonna said “If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don”t skimp on them and the same is true for the gym. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym.”

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